What's the application of ASTM A554 Stainess Steel Tube
What's the application of ASTM A554 Stainless Steel Tube
Tubes for handrail
Mainly for railing system, handles, requested excellent intensity, duration, stability and corroison properties;good brightnes, same sand lines, Regular materials are 201,202,304
Tubes for sanitary wares
Mainly for SS hand shower, SS faucet, SS shower room, SS bathroom acessory, requested no starin markings, peelings on tube surface, and no bubbles, pits, bumps, sand holes, welding lines after polishing, tubes can be used for;fine polishing and electroplating. Regular material is 304
Tubes for display shelf:

Mainly for goods shelf, showing shelf, requested minimum tolerance of outside diameter size and bending, tubes can be used for punching and fine polishing regular material are 201,304
Tubes for hardware furniture:
Application for hardware furniture: mainly for sofa, desk, tea table, requested excellent mechanical properties, can be used for sinking and flaring, bending , without strain marking, peeling, and for fine polishing and eletroplating. Regular materials are 201,202 and 304
Tubes for machinery equipment:
Mainly for automation equipment, mechanical structure, requested excellent intensity, duration, and minimum tolerance of outside diameter size, bending, and length. Regular materials are 201,304.

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