The stainless steel on my refrigerator door, dishwasher, and/or countertop is scratched. How can I r
stainless steel tube
Scratches are difficult to remove. Most kitchen appliances , sinks, and counters have a No. 4 polished finish with short directional polishing lines. Restoring this finish to its orginal apperance requires a  professional such as a company that specializes in fabricating or polishing stainless steel . If the refrigerator or dishwasher door panel is replaceable, purchasing a new panel is normally most effective than professional refinishing. The homeowner may want to consider obtaining replacement panels with a vibration. distressed. swirl, or embossed finish. These finishes help to hide light scratching and can be obtained from companies that specialized in stainless steel finishes.

Counters and applicance doors that are not easily removeable must be refinished in place. When the counter is finished, It may have long rather than short polishing lines. If a slightly different finish is acceptable and cost is a  consideration a homeowner can refinish the counter or appliance using a non metallic abrasive pad such as a scratch brite pad. This can be done by rubbing the surface with the pad using long uniform strokes in the same direction as the current polishing lines. This will not eliminate deep scratches. A professional may offer this finish as  a less expenesive option. The resulting finish is normally referrede to as a hairline or long grain finish. Some appliance companies are starting to offer finsih.

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